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Name Address



Peter Kendall

Ford House, The Green, Grundisburgh IP13 6TA

01473 738267

Vice Chair

Ann Willetts

14 Gurdon Road, Grundisburgh, IP13 6XA 01473 738831


John Ager



 8 Post Mill Close, Grundisburgh,          IP13 6UU

01473 735541


Parish Councillors

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Name Address


Stephen Barnett 57 Gurdon Road, Grundisburgh, IP13 6XA 07526  360956
Judith Bignell 34 Orchard End, Grundisburgh IP13 6UA 01473 735459
Charles Burch Brook Farm House, Brook Farm Lane, Grundisburgh IP13 6RB 01473 735109
Geoff Caryer The Chestnuts, Rose Hill, Grundisburgh IP13 6TL

01473 738108

Ben Cook Round House, Post Mill Gardens, Grundisburgh IP13 6UR 07970 075761
Allen Dunnett Fern Cottage, Lower Road, Grundisburgh IP13 6UQ

07961 727160

John Dunnett Squeech Farm Cottage,   Grundisburgh IP13 6TL

01473 735515

Paul Franklin

Jasmine Cottage, Ipswich Road, Grundisburgh IP13 6TJ

01473 735295
David Higgins Walnut House, Meeting Lane, Grundisburgh IP13 6UB 01473 738694
Peter Kendall The Ford House, The Green, Grundisburgh IP13 6TA 01473 738267
John Lapsley 1 Abbey Farm Barn, Culpho, IP6 9DG 01473 738008
Richard Youngman White House Farm, Grundisburgh IP13 6RR

01473 735221


FINANCE           Judith Bignell, Stephen Barnett,  David Higgins, Richard Youngman

FOOTPATHS & ENVIRONMENT   Geoff Caryer, John Dunnett, Paul Franklin

PLANNING           Geoff Caryer,  David Higgins, John Lapsley,  Ann Willetts

ROADS &  TRANSPORT           Judith Bignell, Charles Burch, Peter Kendall 

STAFF           Stephen Barnett, John Lapsley, Ann Willetts, Judith Bignall

Representives to other Organisations

PLAYING FIELD           Geoff Caryer, Ann Willetts

GRUNDISBURGH CHARITIES             Judith Bignell

VILLAGE HALL           David Higgins, Peter Kendall

SALC                          Stephen Barnett

SAVID                        Robert Crouch, Geoff Caryer


District Councillor

Name Address


Colin Hedgley The Coach House, Playford Mount, Great Bealings, IP13 6PH (01473) 738468

County Councillor

Name Address


Robin Vickery

7 Framlingham Court, Valley Road, Ipswich IP1 4EF 07545  423827