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Letter of Complaint to East Suffolk Planning Department - May 2019

Chair of the Parish Council's Planning sub-committee, Mrs Ann Willetts, has written a formal letter of complaint to East Suffolk District Council regarding recent planning approvals which have been made outside of standard policy and criteria. We shall let you know the Council's response in due course. You can read Mrs Willetts' letter here.

The parish council is a statutory consultee for all planning applications in Grundisburgh and Culpho. In effect that means that Suffolk Coastal District Council sends the details of all applications to the parish council and invites the council to make comments. Although the parish council is a statutory consultee anyone can object to, or support, applications. It must also be remembered that planning permissions are granted, or refused, by Suffolk Coastal District Council not Parish Councils.

Planning can get people very agitated and the council has a responsibility to represent the whole community when it makes comments.

The parish council has agreed the following policy for dealing with applications:

Planning  Sub Committee

  • Domestic extensions
  • Change of use
  • Work on trees covered by Tree Preservation Orders
  • Infill - one property (unless the committee considers the application contentious - then it would be discussed by the full Parish Council)

Parish Council

  • Infill of more than one property
  • Applications that affects the road layout
  • Change of use that affects commercial traffic
  • Any industrial application
  • Any commercial application

Village Meeting

  • Any large scale application
  • Any application that the Parish Council Chairman, Planning Sub Committee Chairman and/or the Parish Clerk considers of sufficient interest to the village.
  • Any application that the majority of the Parish Council consider of interest to the wider community

The planning sub committee will ....

  • look at each application on its merits ensuring that it complies with the Suffolk Coastal District Council's Local Plan/Local Development Framework.
  • ensure that personalities/individuals do not have any influence on the Parish Council's final submission

Pre application consultation

  • Pre-application consultation would be permitted upon receipt  of written information from potential applicants.     Where the proposed development is limited in nature so that the planning sub committee is authorised to act on behalf of the parish council the committee will consider the information and agree a response.   If the proposed development is substantial to require the attention of the full council, then the full council shall receive the pre-application information and agree a response.       In both cases, the response will be restricted to comments on the perceived impact on residential amenity and/or the public benefit implications of the proposed development.   In all cases, the council reserves the right to comment as it sees fit on the actual application once it has been registered without being bound by its pre-application response.

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