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The parish council is a statutory consultee for all planning applications in Grundisburgh and Culpho. In effect that means that East Suffolk Council informs the parish council of all planning applications in the villages and invites the council to make comments within a very limited timescale.   Although the parish council is a statutory consultee any member of the public can object to, or support, applications. It must be remembered that planning permissions are granted, or refused, by East Suffolk Council not Parish Councils.

The Parish Council have agreed the following process as Guide Lines for dealing with Planning Applications.

Minor Applications -: Planning  Sub Committee

  • Domestic extensions
  • Change of use - Land and/or Buildings
  • Work on trees covered by Tree Preservation Orders
  • Work on trees within the Conservation Area
  • Infill - one property

Significant Applications -: Extraordinary Meeting of Parish Council

  • Infill  more than one property
  • Applications that affects the road layout
  • Any industrial application
  • Any commercial application

Major Applications, Local Plan Issues, Major Projects -Village Meeting

  • Any large scale application

The Planning Sub Committee will...

  • look at each application on its merits ensuring that it complies with the East Suffolk Council's  Local Plan and Grundisburgh and Burgh Joint Conservation Appraisal Supplementary Planning Document 2010
  • Ensure all Planning Applications for Grundisburgh and Culpho are published by the Parish Clerk on the Parish Council website https://grundisburgh.suffolk.cloud/ and notification placed in the Parish notice boards.
  • Endeavour to be proactive in finding trees worthy or in need of a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) within or close to the physical limits boundary of the village.
  • Endeavour to be proactive in keeping the list on non-listed heritage assets within the village updated..

The Planning Sub Committee will not engage in any pre-application consultation with applicants, but will inform applicants that pre-application advice can be obtained by contacting East Suffolk Planning Department.

The Planning Sub Committee Chair to provide a Planning Report for the Clerk to issue to all Councillors before each bi-monthly Parish Council Meeting with an update of the position a that meeting.   The Planning Sub Committee will meet as needed  between the bi-monthly Parish Council Meetings for the purpose of discussing specific Planning Applications or other important planning matters.

Set out below are the procedures that needs to be followed to access Planning Applications online

East Suffolk Council no longer issue hard copies of plans to Parish Councils.   All planning application information is communicated online. 

The Parish Clerk is notified by East Suffolk Council of Planning Applications submitted for Grundisburgh and Culpho.   The Clerk in turn notifies the Chair of the Parish Council's Planning Sub Committee and uploads new applications onto the Parish Council's website and posts onto the Parish Council's notice boards.  Currently the Parish council has 21 days in which to provide a detailed response to East Suffolk Council.

For members of the public the procedure to find and access any application is as follows

1,  go online to East Suffolk Council's planning   click here

3.  search for planning applications on Public Access

4.  Planning - simple search - enter Planning Application number at Keyword then press Search

5.  alternatively go to weekly/monthly (recommend you use monthly)  Parish - Grundisburgh or Culpho (treated separately) to access any new applications if you don't have a number

Chair of Subcommittee will

a)   review the application online and recomends whether this should be categorised as a minor, significant or major  application.

b)   in the case of minor applications the Chair initially identifies any issues/queries.

c)   notifies the Subcommittee by email of the reference number of the application with a request to access East Suffolk Council’s website and advise of any other queries or objections they have to all members of the subcommittee.

d)   if any member of the Subcommittee considers the need for a site visit at least two members of the Planning Subcommittee, carry out an inspection of the location(s) as far as practicable as an information gathering exercise to be shared with all planning subcommittee members.

e)   subsequently the Chair or any member, by agreement, to collate agreed comments with reference to:

  • Local Plan policies
  • Conservation Area/listed building status
  • Local knowledge.
  • and circulate to Planning Subcommittee and Parish Council chair.

f)    when agreed, the Clerk to send to East Suffolk Council with copies to both local District Councillors

g)    if the application is considered Significant the procedure is the Chair of the Subcommittee to liaise       with Parish Clerk to arrange for posters to be prepared to inform the community of an Extraordinary  Parish Parish Council Meeting to consider the application. When  comments are agreed, the Chair of the Subcommittee will draft a response for the Clerk to send to East Suffolk Council with copies to both local District Councillors 

h)    If the application is considered Major the Chair of the Subcommittee to liaise with the Clerk to             arrange  for posters to be prepared to inform the community of an Extraordinary Parish Council               Meeting /or Village.  Meeting to consider the application/proposal.

When a Planning Application Is approved or refused by East Suffolk Council the decision to be posted on the Parish Council’s website as soon as possible.

The Planning Subcommittee will meet as needed between the bi-monthly Parish Council meetings for the purpose of discussing specific Planning Applications or other important planning matters.

Approved at a Council Meeting held on the 14th September 2020 and ammended at a Council Meeting held on the 19th July, 2021.

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